bleeder // akaline trio

Anyone remember that Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music split from like a decade ago? Man that was a good album. Both bands covered a few songs from the other — turns out HWM does “Bleeder” better than Alk3, and Alk3 does “Rooftops” better than HWM.

Brand New - Last Chance To Lose Your Keys
Your New Favorite Weapon | 2001 (Triple Crown)

I should have seen it all along.
It’s girls like you that make think I’m better off
Home on a Saturday night
With all my doors locked up tight,
I won’t be thinking about you, baby…

Forget everything you think you know about me.
This isn’t high school…


Karen O | Rapt

Love’s a fucking bitch
Do I really need
Another habit like
you I really need
Do you need me 
too I believe
It’s gonna feel like new